Join the St. Peters Green Cup Challenge!


Dear Friends,

The City of St. Peters has always taken pride in being environmentally responsible but there are challenges that we face today that have the potential to impact our children for generations to come.  Increasing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG) into the atmosphere threatens both our economic and personal health.

Ultimately, choices we make as individuals and as a community will determine the state of the world that our children and future generations will inherit.  In 2016, the City of St. Peters developed Vision 2025 as a roadmap to ensure a bright future for our Community.  The key priorities are to keep St. Peters a Safe, Healthy, Prosperous, Sustainable, Innovative, Connected Community.

How can we accomplish this?  What can a single person or household do?  Do our individual actions really make a difference?  How can we measure the effect our actions have on the environment?

The Green Cup Challenge is St. Peters innovative answer to those questions.  Log on and sign up!  The Challenge provides easy to understand information about actions you can take to reduce GHG and be environmentally responsible.  It compiles data to measure savings in $’s, water, energy and CO2 reduction - actual data that shows together our small actions can make a BIG difference.

You can participate as an individual or join a neighborhood or community group.  The Green Cup Challenge is a great way to learn about sustainability.  It hosts a comprehensive listing of actions, events, and resources as well as opportunities to meet your neighbors and learn more about our community.  The goal is to have fun, save money and work together towards a clean and healthy future for our families and the planet!

Please join the Green Cup Challenge because local leadership and collective actions are the key to St. Peters sustaining its legacy of being a safe, healthy beautiful community to live, work and play.

Mayor Len Pagano